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For many high school students, the PSAT is their first big standardized test. The PSAT is often considered a practice test, but it is technically a preliminary test for the SAT.

And, based on the difficulties Rising Seniors in Connecticut encountered this past year (the March 21st snowstorm causing the postponement of the in-school SAT and a flawed June 2018 SAT causing harsh curves for many students), I am more convinced than ever that students SHOULD NOT WAIT to begin SAT test prep. It should start with the PSAT!

Here’s why Rising High School Juniors and Sophomores should Prepare for and Take the PSAT seriously:

1.   If a student is familiar with the format, directions and questions on the PSAT, then his or her error patterns will be authentic and future test prep will be more productive. Familiarity alone can boost a student’s score by reducing time-wasting struggles on test day.

2.   Students will receive their test back in mid-December. Guidance Counselors will be using students’ PSAT scores to generate college lists. Students who study and have authentic scores will be able to build a more realistic college list.

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