Why Hire Eileen

Thank you for guiding me through every step of the college application process. From helping me with test prep, my resume, the teacher recommendation letter, as well as the personal and supplemental essays, with your help, I got into every college I applied to with scholarship money. You made the college process a fantastic experience.



2016-2020: A Snapshot of Success

Five National Merit Scholarship Commendation Award Winners

Average 250 point increase on the SAT!

Over $550,000 in Scholarship and Merit Aid Awards

Connor and Me

Above is a snapshot of my son Connor’s scores. He Increased his 2018 SAT Scores by 300 Points with Purposeful Practice!

As a former Marketing Director, tenured English Teacher, Test Prep Tutor, and certified college consultant, my knowledge and experience are a valuable asset to any college-bound teen considering hiring an IEC to navigate the college process 

We live in a fast-paced world. Students today are more stressed than ever before. If a student and his parents entrust me to help them, I will do everything in my power to find his or her dream school, the perfect fit, and make that dream a reality.

My Role as a Test Prep Expert

As an English Teacher, professional writer, and life-long reader, I have always had this postmodernist fascination with the way words function in lines, how lines form to create paragraphs, and how paragraphs string together to fulfill author’s purpose, the sole focus is to inform, suggest, and evoke greater meaning.

As a test prep coach, I was determined to use my rhetoric skills to identify every strategy needed to get a top score. Because, when there is only one right answer, there are always tricks. So, I examined every authentic test and identified the patterns inherent in right and wrong answer choices — the Solution: Key strategies +  consistent practice = an increased probability of success.

Pure literary academics probably think I sold my soul to the devil, but, hey, someone has to help students scam the SAT exam.

My Role as an Independent Education Consultant

Choosing a college is a significant life decision. My job as an Independent Education Counselor is to help navigate the application process and streamline the procedure.  

During this time period, as students begin to reflect on their future, my focus is on helping students to understand their unique qualities and recognize and value their interests, talents, and experiences in a way that will allow them to shape and craft their narrative, and in the process, stand out to college admissions officers. From there, I guide students through the process of determining which school is the best academic, financial, and social fit.  From the initial consultation to application completion to college acceptance, my job is to provide students the most favorable outcomes and options for their future.