Why Hire an IEC?

I can’t thank you enough for all the time you spent with Madeline. We are so lucky to know someone who is an expert at this. The college process is so overwhelming, but you made it come together so eloquently. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Why Hire an Independent Educational Consultant?

IECs supplement the work of guidance counselors by providing students with additional personalized attention and time outside of regular school hours. IECs can research and visit colleges extensively, work closely with students and families to ensure a great match, and help students stay organized and on schedule.

Studies have shown that students often limit their college choices to schools that their friends attend, those that have nationally renowned sports teams, or those located close to home. IECs can broaden these potential choices and help students identify colleges that will be the right educational, social, and personal fit.

We assist parents and college-bound teens through the college search and application process and offer a variety of comprehensive packages to meet individual family needs as well as charge an hourly pro-rated packaging rate.

Why Hire an IECA Member?

Finding the right fit is where an IECA member educational consultant plays a vital role. IECA members can be trusted to meet your family’s needs because they have complied with the highest standards in their profession. IECA’s required qualifications include a master’s degree, at least three years of admissions counseling experience, and over 150+ visits to colleges every year. Also, IECA members attend conferences every year to learn the latest trends in higher education and information on admission policy. The IECA organization also serves as a forum for exchanging ideas with colleagues.

Why it is Imperative for IECs to Always Improve their Skill Set!

Since I started in the college consulting field, I have dedicated myself to growing my professional development; I became an IECA member, attended three New York Times Education College Symposiums in New York City, participated in copious IECA conferences, attended numerous college fairs and workshops and learned a great deal about the ever-changing college admissions landscape.

Two summers ago, I completed my Independent Education College Consulting Certification through UC Irvine. UCI is the only university worldwide that offers College Consulting accreditation specifically for Independent Education Consultants.

Additionally, I have had the privilege of attending counselor tours, meeting with college admissions officers, and visiting college campuses throughout the North and Southeast.

I have advised and assisted more than 100 students in completing their resumes, recommendation letters, personal, supplementary, and scholarship essays as well as their Common Application.