Test Prep Coaching

Mrs. Sullivan greatly helped me improve my ACT and SAT scores. My ACT reading score went up by 6 points! Mrs. Sullivan was engaging and personalized every session around my needs. I had fun working with her. Sometimes I didn’t even notice that we went well past our 2-hour session. Thank you, Mrs. Sullivan, for all your help!


College Test Prep: SAT and ACT

Description of Services

PERFORMANCE PREP provides customized SAT and ACT prep. With over ten years of experience in the test prep industry, we have helped hundreds of students boost their scores significantly, including several National Merit Scholars. The process is simple: when students understand the format and function of the test and the practice strategies specific to the test, they increase both their confidence and their performance. Additionally, we take a personalized approach. In every tutoring or test preparation session, we teach and reinforce core academic skills and concepts. We approach standardized tests as powerful opportunities to learn and to achieve. 

Purpose of Practice: To introduce the structure, scoring, question difficulty, pacing, and process of elimination strategies needed to achieve top test score potential


  • Customized Lesson Plans broken down into Teachable Concepts
  • Review Content Material and Test Prep Strategy
  • Reinforce the Importance of Understanding the Question First
  • Focus on the Characteristics of Right and Wrong Answer Choices
  • Identify Personal Error Patterns and How to Correct Them
  • Create Individualized Assessments and Student Goal-Setting
  • Taught by CT Certified Teachers and Veteran Test Prep Tutors