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Top Five Action Items Seniors Should Do This Summer To Be College-Ready this Fall

1. Create a Student Resume

A student resume will help you when you fill out the activities section of your Common Application. It is also an excellent way to keep your activities and accomplishments all in one spot. Students can also provide the resume to admissions officers during college interviews and attach it to their Common Application as supporting documentation.

2. Complete your Common Application

As soon as you finish your resume, you can complete your Common Application. This application keeps all your personal, academic, and high school activities all in one spot — sort of like a digital filing system.

3. Draft your Personal Essay

The personal essay is the only opportunity for college-bound teens to reveal who they are in their own voice – beyond the data – as a person with a personality, rather than just a test score and GPA. But, drafting your essay takes time and reflection. DO IT NOW — DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SENIOR YEAR. Written well, the personal essay will set you apart from other students with the same GPA, SAT scores and extracurricular activities.

4. Finish Your Test Prep by Early Fall

For the first time in history, the College Board has introduced an August SAT. If you are planning to take this test–  you should be practicing every day. No one will make this a priority but you.

5. Prepare Teacher Recommendation Letters

When school opens, give your “teacher of choice” a recommendation form distributed by Guidance. He or she will fill it out and submit it. You will NOT have the privilege of seeing the letter. So choose your teacher wisely (make sure he or she likes you and enjoys the process of recommending you). Even better: write a letter that will help your teacher to recommend you.

Questions to consider and responses to share when asking a teacher to write a recommendation:

  •      What did I learn from this class?
  •      How did my teacher contribute to my learning in a meaningful way?
  •      How did I contribute to my class?
  •      How will I use this learning in the future?
Take action this summer and enjoy a seamless transition when you walk through the front steps of your high school this fall.


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