Knowledge is Power! Stay Informed! Enjoy the Journey! Choosing a College is an Important Life Decision. Performance Prep Can Help Navigate the College Process Assisting Students to Find their Best Academic, Social, and Financial Fit College. Tailored to Each Student’s Unique Personality, Intellectual Interests, and Individual Talents College Consulting Services Demonstrated Success in Helping Students Reach Top Test Score Potential. Test Prep Coaching

Our Philosophy

Reaching Top Academic POTENTIAL means never underestimating the POWER of PRACTICE, PERSISTENCE, and PERSEVERANCE, and the PATIENCE to repeat the PROCESS every single day. It’s about PERSONAL Best!

On Education

Our philosophy has a sports mentality with an academic spin. We equate academic potential, test prep, and the college admissions process to running a marathon. It’s about practice and purpose. The more time that you put into practice, the better you become! The more you persist and persevere purposefully, the better to guarantee your outcome and cross the finish line. These traits will help you get accepted into a university that is the perfect fit! Completing the college process is like stepping over the finish line at the New York City Marathon: a bit shell-shocked and weary but still filled with pride and insurmountable joy. At that moment, you know what it is to persevere. And this commitment sets the stage for future success!

On College Admissions

Choosing a college is a significant life decision. During the college admissions process, our goal is to share our students’ interests, talents, and experiences in a way that will allow them to craft their story. “Branding” a student is the first step in making sure that he or she recognizes and values his or her unique qualities. The second step is to help navigate the application process and streamline the procedure. From initial consultation to application completion and college acceptance, our job is to provide students the most favorable outcomes and options for their future.

Student Success Stories

Mrs. Sullivan greatly helped me improve my ACT and SAT scores. My ACT reading score went up by 6 points! Mrs. Sullivan was engaging and personalized every session around my needs. I had fun working with her. Sometimes I didn’t even notice that we went well past our 2-hour session. Thank you, Mrs. Sullivan, for all your help!


Thank you so much, Mrs. Studdert, for helping me boost my SAT scores 150 points. Not only did I get a top score, but I also got into my top choice college: Babson. Thanks, also, for the college essay and common application help. You were always there to answer my questions about the college process.


Thanks for working with me these last two years on the entire college process! Not only I did a get a top score on my ACT with your coaching, but I also received a National Merit Award Commendation for my PSAT score. Additionally, I can’t thank you enough for guiding me on my personal and supplemental essays, helping me craft my resume, and always being there if I had a question.


Thanks for not only helping me to graduate high school successfully but also to apply to college. I really appreciated the fact that you took time out of your day to go with me to register for classes too.


Thank you so much for all your help on SAT Prep. Even though our meetings were only supposed to be one hour, you always built in extra time just in case I needed it. You continued working on it with me until it was completely reinforced. This not only boosted my SAT score, but it also helped me with my school work!


Thank you for staying on top of me and my work. If you hadn’t texted me on a regular basis, reminding me that you expected the test prep homework to be done, I don’t know if I would have done so well on my ACT. I appreciate the fact that you don’t quit on your students. Pretty cool!


Thank you for coordinating the efforts needed for me to put my IEP accommodation for extra time into place on the ACT. This change allowed me to demonstrate success on the test, boosting my score significantly, and now giving me a lot more selective colleges to choose from moving forward.


Your SAT Test Prep Classes provided me more than just a top score on the exam: it gave me a foundation in rhetorical analysis and a deeper understanding of author’s purpose in writing — not to mention some seriously needed grammar lessons!


Thank you for helping me write an amazing personal essay. Even though I live over 800+ miles away, our FaceTime conversations were always super personal. I can’t thank you enough for helping me not only to structure my thoughts and write a great essay but to also open up and feel comfortable talking to you about my innermost thoughts during the process. This experience ultimately helped me to define myself.


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